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TARTUFO As for many other products the profit made from truffle sales is a lot lower than than the price paid by the final customer. The secretive nature of the truffle hunter makes it difficult to gather technical and commercial information on their activity; they also oppose the forming of an association to safeguard their interests and to asses the quality of the product ; all of this prevents an exact estimate of the national production of truffles. The truffle market is therefore characterized by an unknown number of full time,part-time and ‘spare-time’ trifulao on one hand, and by few traders,wholesalers and preserving industries on the other. To sum it up, truffle trading in Italy is badly regulated. Since the trading process involves so many steps, in these conditions the final customer could buy the product from a retailer or may end up paying in a restaurant prices that are three or five times higher compared to what the trifulao sold it for. Sadly, the individualistic mentality of the truffle hunters slows down and does not promote this process of changes that would make the market more lively and transparent. In order to give Trifulaos the opportunity to sell their own truffles directly to the customers, cutting out the middlemen, making a greater profit from the sales, the website “tartufi in langa” has been created. Visitors to this site have the opportunity to book short breaks in one of the many locations ( agriturismi, bed&breakfast, ) in the Langhe area and taste superb local dishes with truffle shavings. Nowadays the younger trifulao generations, having seen the greater interest shown by tourists towards truffles and having put aside their secretive nature , organize beautiful truffle searching walks with dogs in the woods of the Langhe, then selling to the tourist what has been found. During this activity respect for the environement and nature is a must. It is therefore forbidden to drop paper,cans,bottles or damaging plants and fields.

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